Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nudity, Space and Privacy

Here's a sampling of the work I put together in the last two weeks, or so...

The Latin word ‘privo’ means to deprive.   The word ‘private’ suggests separation from the rest. 

Private spaces exist differently for each person.  The person that owns a given space and its privacy feels a sense of comfort or separation when in that space.  The space can become a sanctuary.  For intruders, the space is uneasy, something unknown, a new territory to discover.  The merging of owner and intruder transform comfort into feelings of invasion.  The moment of invasion is the moment when privacy is broken and tension is created.         

Francesca Woodman and Nudes

I have been thinking about focusing a little more on death and nudity in photos this week.  When these two subjects merge in my brain, nothing really jumps to mind faster than Francesca Woodman.  Here's some of her work.


I have recently shifted gears a bit. I have become really interested in blur. It happened at a recent photo shoot.  I was doing some studio work... I just recently started working with different lighting and playing around. I'm encouraging myself to step out of my safe zone and try new things. So, I decided to see what some blur would do to the images.  I enjoyed what I got, but it wasn't that great ... see image below.

Granted, the images are FAR from spectacular.  But, there was something about them that got me interested.  So, I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a week and play with this newfound interest.  

So, I shot a little more, I'll post the new images soon.  I was also required to make a short film for a class.  So, in one day, I shot some video footage on my Nikon D5000 and I put together this short film. My professor did a preview today and has some changes she'd like to see.  I'll post more once I've worked those things out.  For now, here's the rough draft.  Again, it's not great stuff, it's experimentation.  But, it's been a fun week.  

Click to see video. 

Uta Barth

As I said, this week has been a very playful one.  I have been drawn to shadows, light, blur, water and tree branches. It's all I have shot all week. A friend reminded me about Uta Barth and I was I fell in love.  She is right in line with my playful week. Her play with light, shapes, colors and composition through blur and shallow focus are all things I have been working on all week.  Here's some of her work.

...and of time. 

Field #9

Ground #38

 Ground #77