Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Awake and Dreaming

Immediately, my world became a different place.  I was in a sterile space. My vision was blurred. All things were pale and swimming. Touches of blue and green danced in and out of my room. My body yielded pale beige and blood red. I went in and out of sleeping and waking life. But, I was in a dream the whole while. He dream was interrupted in short flashes by “reality.” There were stark awakenings: moments of sharp pain, needles and tubes being forced into and pulled from my body.  My vessel, mostly nude, sometimes draped, was open for all whom collected a paycheck from the hospital. My mind was floating and my body was exposed inside and out. While hospital staff were examining, monitoring and photographing the insides of me, I chose to capture the outside as I was experiencing it.  The outside as a distorted reality. 

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